From the very beginning, as far back as 1883, Alpina has been associated with horological innovation. Whether it was the innovative way of creating an excellent working environment, or through the introduction of new quality control criteria before anyone else, Alpina has always sought ways to improve how things are done.
Innovation, when combined with purpose, becomes progress. At Alpina, innovations are exclusively devoted to serve the functional and design needs of those individuals challenging the hardest places on earth. Such as the Alpine summits.
Customers benefit from continuous technical advances that match the ever-increasing demands of modern sport challenges. Manufacture is both workshop and hi-tech lab, and Alpina continually invests in state-of-the-art machinery and processes. Alpina’s watch makers use the most modern, high-precision tools available in the world today, and every watch undergoes strict quality control tests and inspection before leaving the factory.
In order to fulfil their strict quality criteria before becoming an Alpina sports watch, each time piece must be assembled by hand, in their own manufacture, by a team of highly skilled watch makers.

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